Profiles of Individuals with SCI


Teri has experienced episodes of Autonomic Dysreflexia (AD) frequently after her injury in a car accident several years ago. She is a C6 Complete quadriplegic. In this video clip she shares some background about herself and her injury and how she became familiar with AD.

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Brad is well aware of the potential consequences of AD. As a wheel chair athlete, Brad has been involved most recently in wheel chair rock climbing. He has experimented in the past with the dangerous practice of ‘boosting’ – where an individual with spinal cord injury intentionally raises their blood pressure to increase energy and endurance.

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Fourteen years ago Brian was injured in a mountain bike accident. In this video Brian explains his level of injury. Brian has experienced episodes of AD and has suffered serious complications as a result.

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Stephen was injured 30 years ago and has experienced varying degrees of AD over the years. In this video we are introduced to Steve and learn about his level of injury. He has been hospitalized on more than one occasion due to the onset of AD.

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Brad J

In this testimonial we are introduced to Brad, a Peer Co-ordinator for Spinal Cord Injury B.C. Brad describes how he was injured and what level of injury he sustained. Brad experiences episodes of AD on a regular basis and understands the importance of educating others about the condition.

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